Those of us who are in HR long enough should know and accept by now that our job is a thankless job where most of our mistakes are highlighted and our achievments are burried in the sand. (Because of the nature of our job we are mostly referred to as the most heartless people in the world-hahaha).


If you are not crafted to be in that place you would have thought of giving up,feeling depressed, deprived and worse of all it could suck the life out of you. But i thank my God for giving me the strength and for allowing me to shine in a place where light is needed and where enourmous understanding and patience is very much required (of which i am a work in progress) I thank my company for the appreciation and recognition (that few companies have done) that they have given. I dedicate this to my Mommy Suisa and Daddy Vito because without their examples I wouldnt have endured whatever i have endured.

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This is just a simple recognition but this means alot to me and my Parents. I praise God for this. Glory to the giver of my everything. You can never outgive me God. Praising the one who deserve all the glory!!!